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The most important question for every website owner:
- How will your potential customers actually FIND your website?

The answer is simple:
- more and more people each day will look for you with a Search Engine such as Google or Yahoo.

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- It goes without saying then that you want your website to appear in Google's top search results.

- Have you considered Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? And discovered the high cost?

- Have you wondered how some websites get so high in Google's results and others don't?

- Or maybe you haven't even thought about this yet - read on...

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These days everyone knows that having a business website is essential. But what many people still don't realise is that promoting your website properly is just as important. Simply getting a website made is not enough. If you have spent the money on creating a website, surely you want it to pull in new customers? Simply adding it to your business card or regular advertising strategies will not give you access to a new customer base. Every day millions of people discover new businesses, and make purchases from them, using internet search engines such as Google & Yahoo. How do you expect your new customers will find you online?

What does this mean to you?
The short answer: If your website is not found in the first or second page of Google's search results, you may as well not have a website.

Worried? Maybe you should be!

Many businesses list themselves on one of the many business listing websites, thinking that this is all they need to do. What makes our service different is that we are using a team of top SEO specialists who are working daily to drive as much traffic as possible to your business website. Unlike many other business listing sites, we DON'T just want the traffic to come to us - We want to get YOUR site higher in the search results too. It is a well known fact that most people search for what they need using Google or Yahoo. If your website doesn't appear there, you are no longer an option. The customer may never find you.

Let us do the hard work for you

What some listings sites don't tell you, is that your listing will do nothing for your Google page rank. Don't just believe me though, try searching in Google for your product or service and see what results are on the first page.

Try out this quick test:

1) First, decide how you think your customers will search for your products/services in a search engine.

- For example: If you are selling gold watches in your Jewellery shop in Sydney, your potential customers may go to a search engine and type in:

"jewellery shops sydney" or "sydney gold watches".

2) Try it. Go to and type in your search query. Does YOUR website appear on the first page?

3) Now try a Google search for these terms:

"Jungian Psychotherapy in Sydney " > CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RESULT IN GOOGLE (

Another of our premium class customers wanted to get onto the 1st page of Google for the keyword "Cement Rendering in Sydney"
Within 2 months of using our premium service, we got them there - in the top 3 results.

Need we say more?

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Our basic service will get your website recognised by Google and all the major search engines for your category of business. If you want to get even more exposure for a more specialised item or service, we can do that too - Just sign up for our PRO service. So if you are say, a Jewellery shop and you specialise in Rolex watches, we can create a customised page for your listing to include this keyword "Rolex Watches". Then, when somebody searches in say Google or Yahoo for "Rolex watches in Sydney", your site will come up.

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